Font point sizing

Font point sizing


       Is there a limitation on point sizing of text objects? I.E. When a user attempts to apply a point size of 7.24 (for example) the point size in the tools is 7. If a point size of 7.25 is specified, 7.5 is displayed. Sizing seems to be rounded to the nearest whole or half point size. The xml view that the fs= code is a whole number corresponding to 2x the displayed point size.



       DocOrigin stores point sizes in 1/1000ths of a point. So a simple text string of 7.24pt would be 7240 – which is 7.24 pts.


BUT – when you create text which has a mix of point sizes, typefaces, bolding, etc. – the whole thing is stored as RTF (Microsoft Word’s format). RTF defines point size to ½ a point. So 7.24 is rounded to 7, and 7.25 is rounded to 7.5!!


To see what’s going on, create a simple test form with two text boxes. The first text string may have multiple fonts, point sizes, bolding, etc. The second box leave as a simple text string with no additional features, then use the Tools>ViewFormAsXML command to see what ends up in the xatw.


Here is the result from a simple test:




The first string “Text” ends up as RTF and shows \fs14 which is 14 1/2points or 7 points.

The second “Text2” uses only it’s base font, which is 7.240.


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